Will it ever change?

I think that a lot needs to happen to not only help reduce obesity rates but to help eliminate the stigma toward obese people. It will take a lot to change the way society views obesity, but for that to happen, how society views the human body will need to change drastically. I don’t think that changing the way people view obesity is the only way to change the stigma towards the obese, I think that people need to change the way they view themselves.

I believe that change is able to happen regardless of the outside environment if the want to change is present. Losing weight and becoming healthy is a huge journey and takes a lot of courage and effort, however I believe that it is possible if you really want it to happen. I think there a 5 key things that people can do to help lead a healthy life; control portion sizes, reduce screen time, follow a healthy eating plan, be active as much as possible and keep track of your body. I feel that all of these will be helpful in leading a healthier life for those struggling with their weight; I believe that having a plan is the key to success.

However, to be able to make a eating and exercise plan, the individual must be educated and I think that technology is a great way to not only get educated but also get access to tools that will help them be successful. We are right in the middle of the ‘digital age’, so I feel that technology is the best way to help people. There are plenty of apps out there that allow people track their exercise, eating habits and even their sleeping patterns. People are so into their phones and their iPads that I believe that apps are the perfect way to target almost everybody in society and to help them achieve their goals. A lot of factors contribute to the rising obesity rates within this country and there are a lot of things that are going against the people struggling with their weight, but I think that with the desire to change, anything is possible.


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