Social Media – helping or hiding?

Social Media is taking over our society and the age in which we live in, some may even consider us living in the “digital age”. Everything we do, everything we watch and almost everything in our life revolves around technology and social media. When I think about the connection between technology and obesity, it is different for children and adults, but in either case the associations are negative.

When I think about obesity in adults and teenagers the associations are more connected with social media, as it allows us to hide behind the computer screen. Things like photo shop and instagram allow us to edit and crop our pictures to allow us to look like somebody else, or give us the body we wish we had. This trend is becoming so relevant and widespread that its hard to recognize people when you see them walking down the street. In terms of obesity and social media, there is one idea that allows us to create the ideal image of ourselves and make us more appealing to the opposite sex – online dating. Online dating is becoming the new thing, people are able to share only what they want, and able to share only the pictures they want, that in most cases are not even real. These pictures are either old photos from a few years ago, taken from Google or photo shopped to create a thinner figure. I think that due to all of this technology we become comfortable with being behind a screen and hiding who we truly are that not only do we lose social skills, we lose the desire to leave the house as we feel inadequate compared to all the models in the magazine and we fear that we will be rejected by society.

Society has created an “ideal” figure that not only women compare themselves to but men expect women to look like that, these women can be seen on the cover of every magazine or the star of the TV show, but the truth is no one really looks like that, it is all thanks to technology. I think that people who are obese feel intimidated by the way that society is and how the ‘skinny girl’ runs it that they believe the only way they fit in or can control what they do is through the online world.


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