Its an addiction – treat it that way

People are so quick to judge obese people, but if someone is addicted to alcohol or drugs people are so quick to help and are compassionate and understanding about their addiction and helping the;  but what the majority of people don’t understand is that obesity is a disease and these people are addicted to food. There are numerous clinics, programs and rehab centres for those who suffer from alcohol or drugs addictions but there is a major gap in the understanding of obesity and food addictions. People are so dumb, they think that the solution is simple, they think you can just stop, just not eat cookies or just don’t eat that donut, but it is easier said than done.

There is a huge lack of support for those who have this addiction and a lack of education or knowledge that this addiction exists. Food addictions are physical, its easy to recognize someone with a food addiction, they are treated as a second class citizen, why? because they are large. Drug/alcohol addicts on the other hand can hide this and make it invisible to the naked eye; we would never know they have an addiction until it is out of control. Our society is so closed minded and so uneducated about food addictions that we refuse to think of it as an addiction, however I believe in some way we are all addicted.

If you think about the sensation we get when we are hungry we start to crave certain foods, and the longer we leave this feeling the more uncomfortable and hungry we become, these feelings don’t go away until we are able to eat. This is similar to withdrawal symptoms for drug/alcohol addicts, until they get that hit or that drink the more uncomfortable they become. Food addictions carry a lot of controversy and many people don’t agree with the idea that people can become addicted to food, however everyday more and more people suffer from this and some of the, even eat themselves to death. This YouTube video shares a story of a lady who was so addicted to food that she could not stop eating and eventually died because of it. I think there is not only a lack of knowledge about this addiction; there is also a lack of support for those who are addicted. I believe that as a society we can create a more supportive environment and help all of the addicts, as a society the biggest place we can offer support is through social media.


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