Obesity is a term defined as having too much/an excess of body fat, obesity is measured by calculating ones BMI. Being obese is classified as having a chronic medical disease that can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, gallstones and other illnesses. ( Obesity is a problem all over the world and each year it is increasing to unimaginable numbers, over the past 20 years, approximately 34.9% or 1/3rd of adults and 17% of adolescents aged 2-19 years of age are obese. (

As someone who has struggled with weight her whole life, I have experienced some of these side effects of being over weight and it is not worth it. Obesity is a daily struggle for many people and the more you look around the more apparent this struggle is. Due to the society we live in and the way it is set up more and more people are becoming obese because they are forced into a lifestyle that is not a safe and healthy environment to practice a balanced lifestyle. The individual suffering from obesity cannot be solely blamed, yes part of it is genetics but many other factors can contribute to this type of lifestyle; finances, environment, upbringing and social media. Society has started to label people who are obese, as ‘lazy’ people who eat nothing but cheap, fast, easy and fake food. There has been a negative stigma surrounding people who are over weight and as the years go by more and more of us are becoming part of it. We live in a very toxic and materialistic world where people are judged for what they have and what they look like and people who are obese get the worst end of it, not only are they judged for being overweight they are also assumed to have less money, live in poorer neighborhoods and they do not get as many job opportunities. This link is a video that is part of a 4 part series portraying some of the negative stigmas that people face while being obese. I feel this video is very crucial, as we don’t think about other people’s feelings, we think what we are doing are helping, but the truth is we have no idea what that person is going through. This video brings up a good point, they discuss how weight bias is up along with race and gender bias, people are standing up for their race and other peoples race but no one is standing up or helping the ‘fat person’. We need to think of everybody as equal, no matter what gender, race, or weight they are.


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