Fat Shaming

Weightism, weight stigma or fat shaming any of these terms can be used to describe the act of shaming people because they are fat. This happens everywhere and anywhere, body shaming is an ever-present act and I believe happens to almost everyone at some point in their life. Women are the main victims of body shaming and receive this shame whether they are too fat, too thin, too tall or too hairy. However, fat shaming is a specific type of body shaming and in my opinion is not effective.

Many people think that shame is a catalyst for change, but shame doesn’t make you stronger, or make you want to change, shame has two effects; it either makes someone want to hide or makes someone want to go out more and show off. There have been many public cases of fat shaming, and in my opinion the most popular one is the Lulu lemon fat shaming case. The clothes made by Lulu lemon come in many sizes and are made for exercising, this is a very successful company and no matter where you are there will be at least one person wearing their clothing. About a year ago, a customer complained that their pants were see through, and the makers of the clothing came with a response saying that their clothing wasn’t made to cover large surface areas, meaning ‘you are too fat to wear our clothes’. If companies are this open and this quick to respond, I believe that fat shaming is more relevant now than any other time.

Customers are the reason why companies succeed, we spend $100.00 on a pair of pants and they are turning down our business because they refuse to make their clothes bigger. I have also been a victim to fat shaming, I am not obese however I could lose a few pounds, I was in the grocery store buying chocolate milk along with some other groceries and a lady told me that I should not buy it because of the calories and fat it contains. I did not feel ashamed and I did not want to put the chocolate milk back, it made me want to buy more. I think that fat shaming is at an all time high, however it is not an effective way to approach obesity within this country.


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