Fast Food Fix

Fast food joints know just how to work the advertising game, bright colored billboards and attractive & delicious offerings that are difficult to resist, so who can blame you for stopping by and grabbing a bite to eat. However, in a mist of all the colors and delicious food we forget to think about the health risk associated with eating these high calorie, high fat foods. Obesity is the result of a food addiction and I believe that in some way owners of fast food chains and marketers are aware of this, they use peoples addictions to sell food. They use the bright colored advertisements to draw your attention and 2-for-1 deals or “value menus” to get you to eat there.

With the struggling economy, these deals are becoming more and more attractive to everyone, especially those addicted to food. Healthy food is not expensive, but it is not cheap either, vegetables have to be bought fresh every 1-2 weeks, chicken breasts only last for so long and some people can spend $200.00 a week to eat healthy, which most people living on a lower to middle-class income cannot afford. Fast food chains make it so easy to just stop in for a value meal for $1.99 most people cannot resist it. I don’t think that fast food joints are solely to blame for obesity rates however they make it hard to say no.

Considering the millions of people that are served at fast food restaurants versus any other establishment everyday, some responsibility has to be taken by the fast food restaurants. The impact of the food on a person’s health would have anyone struggling to disagree with the fact that fast food outlets play a huge role in the rising obesity rates throughout the world. The individuals, who eat this food, do have a choice not to eat there, however these restaurants are so common and we can see them everywhere that they become more inclined to stop there as it is cheap, convenient and most people enjoy the taste. I strongly believe that if fast food joints were less common that more people would eat healthy.

To offer some credit, some fast food chains are starting to offer healthier options on the menu for a cheaper price, which I think, will help people who cannot afford the healthiest of foods. However, if I were going to McDonalds I would have a hard time trying to resist a cheeseburger and friends when going to get a salad.


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