Airbrushed or Brainwashed?

As a society we have become so obsessed with looking like the women in the magazine that we forget that they are not real. Advertisers use airbrush and photo shop to create an ‘ideal women’. This idea of an ideal women has really affected how women think about themselves and others. Everyone is aware of the fact that images in the media are altered but this idea gets pushed to the back burner when we see celebs with the perfect bodies and an article saying something along the lines of ‘get her body now’ or ‘see how (insert name here) lost the weight and how you can do it too’. I read this article and all I could think about was it is no wonder that women all over the world hate their bodies; the media has created an image that is impossible to re-create. I am a monthly subscriber to Shape magazine, I love to look at weight loss transformations or pictures of celebrities rocking their ‘hot bodies’ but I know that they are photo shopped. I use this as motivation to become a better me, not to look like the women in the magazine, this is where I think a line needs to be drawn. Some people take these to extremes, they develop eating disorders or stop eating and work out all the time to get the defined abs or the every so famous ‘thigh gap’.

A lack of knowledge about working out and eating healthy can lead to these extremes, people think that if they workout enough and eat no carbs they can achieve this leaned and toned figure, but the truth is that everyone is different, Only certain people can achieve this thigh gap, this gap is created by having wide hips, NOT by losing weight. I personally believe that the magazine companies are at fault for women having a negative body image about them because they feel the need to have to look like all these women.

I think that in some way magazines are trying to reverse this ideal by having “plus sized” models in the ads, but these women are about a sized 12, which is the average size of most women, it makes them think they are plus sized, when in reality there is nothing wrong with them. I believe strongly that the magazines are the catalyst for things like lypo-suction, Botox or any other major surgeries that change someone’s appearance. I have attached an article about the effects of photo shop and airbrush on people’s body image; this article also has some ideas to ‘hush’ the voices in your head, telling you that you aren’t good enough.


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